Administrative Unit

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The Administrative Unit is responsible for matters pertaining to human resources, personnel, budget, site maintenance, fleet management, clerical and support services, accounts payable and any other matters assigned by the Prosecutor.

More Specific duties are:

  • Forfeiture (tracking)
  • Processing applications for employment to include background checks
  • Grants (tracking)
  • Liaison with County Counsel on civil suits against the OCPO
  • Requests for information through OPRA
  • Maintenance of CALEA accreditation
  • Evidence (record keeping, storage, destruction)
  • Physical Plant/Security
  • Web site Maintenance
  • Communications (radio & phones)
  • Liaison with Freeholders, Employee Relations, Comptroller/CFO
  • Ensuring the efficient processing of purchase orders
  • Vehicle maintenance and tracking
  • Intern Program