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Antoine Henderson Guilty of Various Heroin Drug Related Charges

Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato announced today that Antoine Henderson, 44, with a last known address in Freehold, was found guilty by a Superior Court jury in Toms River jury of: Possession of Heroin – third degree, Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute – third degree, Distribution of Heroin – third degree, Possession of Heroin with Intent to Distribute within 500 feet of a Recreational Zone – second degree, as well as Distribution of Heroin within 500 feet of a Recreational Zone – second degree.

The charges stemmed from an incident that occurred on April 29, 2013 at the Shell Gas station located on Lanes Mill Road in Brick Township. Detective Shepherd, Detective Lash and Detective Sergeant Forrester from Brick Township Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Unit testified that they were conducting surveillance at the Wawa located on the corner of Lanes Mill Road and Burnt Tavern Road when they saw a BMW with two occupants. The BMW stayed in the parking lot for approximately 10 minutes without either occupant ever going inside. The occupants were on the phone and looking around and then exited the Wawa traveling to the Dunkin Donuts parking lot across the street. The detectives followed the BMW and watched as it traveled through the Dunkin Donuts parking lot and immediately exited, making a right back onto Lanes Mill Road and making a right into the Shell gas station. The Shell gas station is located within 500 feet of Bernard Cooke Memorial Park in Brick Township. Once inside the gas station parking lot, the BMW parked at a closed gas pump right behind a Lincoln. The driver exited the BMW and entered the rear driver’s side for approximately 30 seconds and then got back inside the BMW. Detectives Shepherd and Lash approached the BMW while Detective Sergeant Forrester approached the Lincoln. The defendant was in the front passenger seat of the Lincoln and when Detective Sergeant Forrester approached, the defendant had $230 in his hands after giving $20 to the gas attendant. The defendant said the person that just entered the Lincoln was just an “old friend” who happened to see him at the gas station and came in to say “hi”. He said that he never scheduled the meeting between the two of them. The driver of the BMW gave conflicting stories as to who he had just met with in the Lincoln and as a result, Detective Shepherd asked him to get out of the BMW. Once he got out, all three detectives noticed a bulge in his waistband that based on their training and experience, they believed to be a brick of heroin. As such, the driver was placed under arrest. He was not cooperative and a struggle ensued. After the struggle, a brick of heroin fell out of the left leg of his pants. Both the driver and passenger of the BMW confirmed that they went to the Wawa and ultimately, the Shell gas station to purchase a brick of heroin from the defendant for $250.

After a short period of deliberation, based on the testimony of the detectives from the Brick Township Police Department, the jury found the defendant guilty on all counts of the indictment. The trial was presided over by the Honorable Rochelle Gizinski, J.S.C. After the guilty verdict, the defendant’s bail was discharged. He is being held in the Ocean County Jail without bail pending sentencing. His sentencing date has not yet been set. The case was prosecuted by Assistant Prosecutor Mara Brater and Senior Assistant Prosecutor Bridget Coughlin. Detective John Doran, Monica Schuler, Victim/Witness Advocate, and other members of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office assisted.