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Andrew Mayer Sentencing

Andrew Mayer, 29, of Toms River was sentenced today on his plea to Cruelty to Animals in the Third degree. Assistant Prosecutor Heidi Tannenbaum-Newman prosecuting for the State was seeking a sentence of 364 days in the Ocean County Jail as a condition of Probation, along with restitution to the various rescue agencies that had requested it (of all the agencies involved in the rescue, only the NJSP and TR Fire District One replied asking for restitution, $6273.76 and $8,370.60 respectively). Also the State requested that Mayer be banned from companion animal ownership for 5 years.

Judge James Blaney sentenced Mayer to 180 days in the Ocean County Jail. He agreed with the State that some incarceration is appropriate for the reckless act that lead to a large rescue operation and caused the demise of his dog, Rolo. He did not sentence him to any probation. He did order him to pay $1,000 restitution to each of the two agencies seeking restitution, as he felt Mr. Mayer should take some financial responsibility for his actions. The judge did not deem a ban on companion ownership as necessary in this case, as Mayer expressed remorse and his acts were deemed reckless and no intent to harm his dog. He was also sentenced to pay minimum fines of $155. The Sheriffs officers took custody of Mayer and he was escorted to the County Jail. The related Criminal Mischief in the third degree charge and Pollution of water summons were dismissed as part of the sentence.

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