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Drug Court allows certain individuals who are charged with non-violent offenses to serve a sentence of intensive probation rather than a jail term.

The Drug Court program seeks to reduce drug and/or alcohol addiction, crime and recidivism by providing intensive supervision, treatment and judicial oversight for substance abuse participants. The program gives each participant an opportunity to live a drug/alcohol-free and, hopefully, crime-free life.

Participation in the Ocean County Drug Court is worthwhile, however intense. Participants receive whatever assistance necessary in order to meet all program requirements. However, they are responsible for their successes and failures. Probation Supervision and treatment providers will strictly monitor their progress and the Drug Court Judge will review the progress at in-court sessions and discuss both satisfactory and unsatisfactory adjustments.

The Drug Court Prosecutor is a Drug Court Team Member who takes part in all aspects of the operation of Drug Court. The Prosecutor’s role includes being the “gatekeeper” of the program, initially screening the legal qualifications of applicants for program eligibility.

The Senior Assistant Prosecutor in charge of this unit has received extensive, specialized training to perform these tasks on behalf of the Ocean County Prosecutor.

The Drug Court Team consists of :

  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Public Defender
  • Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Supervising Probation Officer
  • Probation Officers

There are also varied treatment providers, inpatient and outpatient, long term and short term, which meet the individual needs of the participant.

Inquiries concerning Drug Court may be made through Defense Attorneys by contacting the Drug Court Coordinator at (732) 929-2125.

*The numbers on this site are not emergency numbers, Please call 911 for an emergency*