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Special Operations Group

The Special Operations Group proactively investigates and prosecutes narcotics, weapons and gang-related offenses.

The Special Operations Group is comprised of personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office as well as other county and local law-enforcement agencies. The Special Operations Group targets primarily large-scale narcotics and weapons dealers, and gang-affiliated criminals. On occasion the Special Operations Groups works in conjunction with the New Jersey State Police and federal law-enforcement agencies including: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the United States Postal Service and Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Special Operations Group employs all investigative techniques and serves as a county-wide clearing house and repository for law-enforcement intelligence concerning gangs, firearms and narcotics.

The Special Operations Group investigates information received from the public related to gangs, firearms and narcotics activity.

To report any narcotic, gang, or illegal firearms information please call the Special Operations Group hotline number: 1-800-378-4847 or 732-244-5996

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