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The Grand Jury Unit

The function of the Grand Jury Unit is to review, prepare and present criminal cases to the grand jury. This unit is staffed by a team of Assistant Prosecutors and Detectives.

Under the New Jersey Constitution, no person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense unless on indictment of a grand jury.

This right to grand jury ensures that persons will be brought to trial only if a reasonable basis for each charge exists. It also ensures that those brought to trial will be adequately informed of the charge or charges against them. The County of Ocean presently has three grand juries serving at all times. Each grand jury meets once a week on separate days.

The Detectives in this unit are assigned the task of preparing cases for grand jury. The Detectives have the responsibility of ensuring that each file is complete and ready for presentation to a grand jury.

The Detectives check with the local police departments and other agencies to make sure each grand jury case has all reports, witness statements and other necessary items. The Detectives also perform their own investigation when deemed necessary for a complete preparation of the case for grand jury.

The Assistant Prosecutors in this unit have the responsibility of presenting criminal cases to a grand jury for its determination as to whether an indictment should be returned. The Assistant Prosecutors must review each case assigned to them to ensure that the files are complete and appropriate for presentation to the grand jury. In reviewing the cases, the Assistant Prosecutors conduct a complete legal analysis of the facts and the relevant law.

The duty of the Assistant Prosecutors before a grand jury is to present evidence and to explain the law in order to assist the grand jury in accomplishing its purpose. While performing these duties, the Assistant Prosecutors are always guided by the principles of justice.